Help Us Grow While Remaining Independent

Hi everyone!

I want to reach out to you, our truly amazing customers, and talk a little about some new developments with the store. You may have noticed we've been running a lot of sales and promotions over the past few weeks. We are hoping that with your support in the next few weeks we can generate the revenue we need to grow the business to the next level. 

Nearly every day we are discovering new, unique designers that we know you'll love. Unfortunately we are unable to feature these designers without additional revenue. One of the biggest challenges most small businesses face is growing their business while remaining independent. For the past six months we have been weighing our options and talking to investors but at this time we know it's in the best interest of the store to remain independently run.  We hope to achieve the growth we need by bringing in more sales. This is a big undertaking but we are confident that with the support of our customers we can build the momentum we need to make the shop even better.

When I started Emerging Thoughts seven years ago I wanted to create a one-stop shop where women could have access to a variety of hard to find independent fashion.  I knew it was a huge commitment to start my own business but I felt so passionately about it I went for it. Over time and with a lot of hard work we have positioned ourselves to be one of the most successful independent clothing shops online.

Emerging Thoughts has always been and will always be dedicated to providing the best emerging and independent designers to our customers and it is in this spirit of independence that we are hoping that you'll promote the shop by buying that dress you've been eying this week or spreading the word about us to your friends. We are running our 20% off sale through Friday so please check out some of our new Spring merchandise. 

You are the reason Emerging Thoughts has grown into what it is today and we hope you'll be with us as we grow into the future.

Use 20% off all week with discount code "INDEPENDENT".  Shop now!

Thank you,