5 questions with Meghan Lorenz

5 questions with Cities in Dust designer Meghan Lorenz:
1) How did you become a jewelry designer?
I've always been interested in doing my own thing, and for a short period of time I had a little business doing window displays and visual merchandising. During that time a friend and I (now called Shikama Jewelry) were collaborating on a project called Aragon Jewelry. We made a bunch of fun little series of necklaces and earrings and sold them online and locally. Sarah Shikama and I decided to split up and start our own collections, and Cities In Dust was born. I've always had a lot of ideas for pieces I've wanted to wear or own, and that is where my initial designs came from. I had a collection of sketches and images of inspiration that had been accumulating for a long time. That is where my first collection: Spellbound came from. 

2) Why is it important to support independent designers?
I personally am a huge advocate of shopping independent designers. I feel it's just the right thing to do.  I think quality control is much more attainable at an independent level. I think of it as an investment versus an impulse splurge.  I'm a big supporter of indie designers and the arts in general. 

3) Cities in Dust is a song by Siouxsie and the Banshees.  Is music a big influence on your design process?
Music has always been a big inspiration to me. The song Cities in Dust is about Pompeii. My first collection: Spellbound contained a couples pieces with lava. It seemed appropriate to tie the two variables together, but more specifically what inspired me about the song was the music video, and Siouxsie Sioux herself. I'm very much inspired by people and their personal style. I love documentaries and I love biographies. I think people are the absolute most fascinating thing on earth. But back to music, when I was a kid I used to listen to a new favorite song over and over. Almost to the point of embarrassment. As an adult I find if I'm in the zone listening to a particular song I do the same thing. I remember reading the booklet inside of Royal Tenenbaums Soundtrack and Wes Anderson said he did the same thing. It made me feel less bad for nearly ruining every song I love. For me music is definitely the best way to get into a grove. 

4) Where do you see Cities in Dust in 2017?
5 years from now I hope to see my line has seriously evolved. I hope to continue enhancing my metalsmithing skills. I hope to possibly branch out into alternative accessories, and collaborate with other designers and artists. Fingers crossed. 

5) Do you have any hidden talents?
In 94 MTV hosted a strange show called Oddville. I believe it only lasted about 1 season, but it was the summer before 5th grade and I was totally into it. Basically a bunch of people had about a 2 minute cameo performing weird hidden talents. Through Oddville I've adopted an array of sound effects. My claim to fame is a Car Alarm, but that's all I've got.