Small Business Saturday: Designers


We asked five designers to tell us why they support Small Business Saturday (today!).


Postlapsaria: When you support small businesses, you're supporting entrepreneurship - and that's the fundamental basis of the American Dream. With large corporations outsourcing so many jobs, we need small businesses more than ever - they keep our economy afloat and our citizens employed. Support small and local businesses and keep the American Dream alive.

Dear Creatures: Not all big corporations can tailor to your individual taste.  In general mass retailers are reluctant to take chances in design and new ideas so it's important to support independent designers who can cater to a more niche market of people who want something unique and different.

Hansel from Basel:
what would we be without small businesses? we would lack creativity, independence, and an identity all together! that would be so sad...our socks would all be black and grey. 

Snoozer Loser:  Supporting small businesses is supporting product diversity.

Sea of Bees:
When you support a small business you are not only supporting an independent entity but a dream backed by hours, months, (even years) of dedicated hard work, unruly passion and unique ideas in a civilized world where mass produced ideas reign and individualism is easily overshadowed, often lost. When you support small businesses you are supporting art, culture, a movement, independent ideas, a story, the hardworking man (or woman), and not waste, excess and overall corporate greed. Support the dream, support small.

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