On the first day of December, Emerging Thoughts gave to me...

Throughout the month of December, we want to show our customers how grateful we are, and what better way to show our appreciation than 25 deals for 25 days. Check daily, because each day will bring something new! So start knocking some people off of your Christmas list or maybe pick up a little something for yourself. Hurry, the code will only last 24 hours! Who knows, maybe we'll throw in a partridge in a pear tree. 

Day One: Take $15 off all overs > $75. Just enter the code 'ONE' at checkout.

Small Business Saturday: Designers


We asked five designers to tell us why they support Small Business Saturday (today!).


Postlapsaria: When you support small businesses, you're supporting entrepreneurship - and that's the fundamental basis of the American Dream. With large corporations outsourcing so many jobs, we need small businesses more than ever - they keep our economy afloat and our citizens employed. Support small and local businesses and keep the American Dream alive.

Dear Creatures: Not all big corporations can tailor to your individual taste.  In general mass retailers are reluctant to take chances in design and new ideas so it's important to support independent designers who can cater to a more niche market of people who want something unique and different.

Hansel from Basel:
what would we be without small businesses? we would lack creativity, independence, and an identity all together! that would be so sad...our socks would all be black and grey. 

Snoozer Loser:  Supporting small businesses is supporting product diversity.

Sea of Bees:
When you support a small business you are not only supporting an independent entity but a dream backed by hours, months, (even years) of dedicated hard work, unruly passion and unique ideas in a civilized world where mass produced ideas reign and individualism is easily overshadowed, often lost. When you support small businesses you are supporting art, culture, a movement, independent ideas, a story, the hardworking man (or woman), and not waste, excess and overall corporate greed. Support the dream, support small.

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are 10 things that we'e grateful for:

1. All of our customers, new and old. Since we are a small business, we have very little money for advertising, and we rely solely on word of mouth. We are so incredibly grateful for everyone who has a great experience and then shares emerging thoughts with their friends. This has been our most successful year in business, and each month is better than the next.  Thank you x 500,000,000 for helping us grow.

2. Our designers. We love working with independent and emerging designers. We are so passionate about exposing their work and making it available to the public. To us, it is so meaningful to have one of these unique pieces in your wardrobe. 

3. Robyn. Inevitably, when working 18 hour days (which during the holidays is necessary), we need to keep our energy up. Midnight office dance parties are vital to our well-being. Play “Dancing on my Own,” and try to stay seated. We dare you. 

4. Fleetwood Mac. Inevitably when working 18 hour days (which during the holidays is necessary), we sometimes need to cry.  And when we do, Rumours is on repeat. In all honesty, midnight crying sessions to Fleetwood Mac are pretty cathartic.

5. Pinterest. What do vintage Balenciaga, donuts, glitter walls, and Dan Mountford photography have in common? They were pinned mere minutes apart and eclectically assembled on our boards. Basically, it's our favorite website to waste time on. Tell us your pinterest account so we can follow you. Let's waste time together.

6. Glitter. It’s so easy to get sucked into the mundanity of everyday life, and dreary city winters don’t help. Sparkle is a surefire way to perk up any case of the doldrums in our office, and it’s rare to catch one of us without a touch of bedazzle here and there. Seriously, one of our staff layers Druze necklaces like it’s her job, which in a way, it is.

7. Paris Is Burning. This is still the most quotable movie in our office. If you haven't watched it, watch now.
Two words: Drag Realness.

8. All of our friends that have helped us this past year.  Emerging Thoughts would not be where it is today if it weren’t for all of our friends who have helped with social media, especially Keiko (read more) Katie, Diana, and all of the bloggers we've worked with this year. Thank you to everyone who makes us laugh on twitter and our customers who are now friends. We've met a lot of really wonderful people via our 6 years in business and we're incredibly grateful to have them in our lives. A special thanks to our *gasp* offline friends and family who keep us (fairly) sane.

9. The staff (written by Lauren): Thank you to our hard working staff. We are lucky to have a fun and exciting working environment, but it's occasionally filled with printer jam meltdowns. Thanks to my web designer for keeping his cool when we call him at 2am because we need help editing photos. Thanks to my office staff for always playing it cool, even when I make them listen to R Kelly's Trapped In The Closet all day. I am incredibly lucky to have such a creatively talented, hardworking and stand-up team.

10. Humility. Because at the end of the day, if you can’t laugh at yourself, what do you really have?

Small Business Saturday!!!

We asked a few of our favorite bloggers to tell us why they support Small Business Saturday (November 24th!) and why you should, too.

Kaelah of honeybeeinthecity
"It's important to support small businesses because for most 'Mom and Pop' shop owners, it's about the experience of selling and interacting with the consumer. Small biz owners are driven by the love of sharing emerging talent, advocating for a better shopping experience and for growing organically as opposed to just being money-hungry in the mass-market game. The experience is always unique so it's more interesting than the robotic and somewhat-anonymous consumerism you see with large chain-retailers."

Favorite Emerging Thoughts item
Dear Creatures Charlotte coat

Diana of ourcitylights
"Shopping locally benefits not only the small business but you the shopper because you're putting money back into your community. Also, you can live in your neighborhood for months and not realize the treasures your area has."

Favorite Emerging Thoughts item
"I really like the bee hair clips. I remember in college they said when women wore bee images, it gave off a visual sense of power. I think that's how Oprah got started, wearing those exact bee clips."

Arabelle of fashionpirate

"Small business owners care personally about the brands they sell, the service is friendly and it's supporting your friends and talented artisans."

Favorite Emerging Thoughts item
"I wear this skirt year round, it's gotten so much life as a layering piece with dresses. I don't wear denim very often but this is great because of the cut and pattern."

Magali of Magalic
"I like buying from small businesses because it's a lovely feeling knowing that something you bought was created by another person just like you. I'm a big advocate of following your passion and I enjoy supporting people that do."

Favorite Emerging Thoughts item 

Meagan of Latterstyle
"Supporting a local business isn't just about helping your local economy, though that's certainly a good thing. I think, on a much broader level, it speaks to heart of what makes America great - that anyone with an idea and drive can work for themselves. That's not jingoism, it's an important American value! I love Emerging Thoughts for its edit of timeless pieces from designers who themselves run a small business."

Favorite Emerging Thoughts item 
Ombre tights

Melissa of bubbyandbean
"As a small business owner myself, I try to show small business support as much as I can throughout the year. But during the holiday season, I shop almost exclusively with small and independent companies because I'm able to give my friends and family unique gifts made with love. Small businesses also return more of each dollar into the local economy and provide more new jobs than large chain stores, so it's a way to help the economy grow. AND shopping small means getting higher quality products and better customer service. Woot!"

Favorite Emerging Thoughts item
"This dress would be the perfect piece to wear to my husband's band's New Year's Eve show!"

Bianca of avantblargh
"This year, I'm starting my resolutions early by supporting small businesses like Emerging Thoughts. With awesome pieces like the Endless Bummer tote, I know I'll be the coolest girl in my hood."

Favorite Emerging Thoughts item

Emerging Thoughts of the Week

Emerging Thoughts of the Week is a weekly collection of stuff that inspired our staff. This week we loved:
Champagne truffles
Glitter + champagne + chocolate

Cotton candy man
Our favorite delivery of the week. 5 in every color, please.

These structural flowers are so delicate and beautiful. We love how they inspired the Dahlia Bed Jacket by Postlapsaria in our shop:

Dahlia Bed Jacket
Alexandra Valenti's photography
Her pictures are vibrant and dream-like. One of our staffers has this picture above her desk and we love it!

"Usually" by Trashcan Sinatras

Latest song addiction.

What inspired you this week?