Packing up my closet for the big Chicago move has brought up a lot of memories. I still hold onto some random stuff: Beck bootleg tapes from my high school days, a fanny pack from when I trained for the marathon and my grandma's costume jewelry. When I came across a reconstructed shirt from around 2002 designed by Keiko Lynn ( I started to get pretty sentimental.

10 years before the hip kids had tumblr and blogger there was Livejournal that everyone used to deal with life’s "My So Called Life" moments*. Keiko was selling her reconstructed clothing, and of course writing about her life. Growing up surrounded by chain stores I was immediately drawn toward the DIY attitude and spirit that beamed through her work and ever since have been a huge fan of Keiko. I loved the idea of championing a handmade designer. There was something so personal about supporting her that I felt everyone would appreciate her only if the right medium existed. Keiko and I ended up becoming friends, and I started telling her about my dreams to open up an online boutique that focused on
emerging designers. Keiko's support and enthusiasm taught me to trust my passion and what you see today on this site is in large part thanks to her.

Keiko is still the most gracious and helpful person ever and through the years she has gone from blogging about awkward times in college** to working on campaigns for Coach. I've seen her grow into a huge success and yet she remains the most genuine woman ever. Emerginthoughts would never have started without my inspiring friend Keiko Lynn.

I'm finally leaving the corporate world and moving to Chicago to concentrate on this site full time. It is the largest risk I've ever taken and in many ways the scariest time of my life. There comes a time when you have to make something of your passion. Right?

*Seriously, how will today's youth express their inner confusion and teenage angst?
**Keiko, I promise not to be any more specific :)

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Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You two seem to compliment eachother wonderfully. ;)

Some day I might just ask you about how you got Emerging Thoughts started as I have a very similar dream myself.

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